4th Annual VTMonster – June 8, 2019

Thanks to our partners at Okemo, we are excited to offer a discount package to riders, along with their friends and families.   Click here for details and use code CMAB2VT to book your stay.

Not for the faint of heart, the VTMonster Gravel Grinder is inspired by Velominati rules #5, #20 and #47.

The VTMonster is a 77-mile, 9,000 vertical body pounding ride on dirt and gravel roads that will loosen your fillings and crush your legs.  There are some asphalt roads sprinkled in so that your fillings can reset themselves.  We suggest using your tongue to push them back in.

Go here for course details.  General registration opens at 10 am on Tuesday, January 15.pavement ends2 (2)