Rules of the Road


  1. DO NOT LITTER. Please put all wrappers, empty gel packs, etc back in your pocket and dispose of them at the next rest stop.
  2. Do not urinate in public. There are porta-potties at all rest stops If you have to go and can’t wait til the next stop, please use a public facility.
  3. Obey all traffic signs and signals. This includes traffic lights and stop signs. If in doubt what the laws are … check.
  4. Stay to the right, except to pass. Pass on the left side only. Do not pass on the right. Ride in a single file.
  5. Use the cue sheet and do not leave the course.
  6. Do not cross center line regardless of passing zone.
  7. Use proper signals when turning. Make left turns from the center of the road or left turn lane. Cross railroad tracks at right angles.
  8. Ride in control of your bike at all times (i.e. being able to stop within a reasonable distance.)
  9. Ride defensively, in consideration of your fellow riders.
  10. Don’t use Aero bars in a group.
  11. Point out and call out any road hazards ahead. These include potholes, drain grates, stray animals, opening car doors, sticks or stones, parked cars, etc.
  12. Do not overlap wheels. A slight direction change or gust of wind could easily cause you to touch wheels and fall.
  13. Pedal down hill when you are at the front of the group. Cyclists dislike having to ride under brakes.
  14. When climbing hills, avoid following a wheel too closely. Many riders often lose their momentum when rising out of the saddle on a hill which can cause a sudden deceleration. This can often catch a rider who is following too closely, resulting in a fall from a wheel touch.
  15. Communicate with your fellow riders, using proper cycling terms, such as “On your left,” “Car back,” etc.